About Curocell Inc.

Curocell is the corporation developing CAR-T cell therapy which is world-widely taking center stage.
Curocell was founded by collaboration with CEO Gunsoo Kim who has long experience of pharmaceutical company, Prof. Chanhyuk Kim of KAIST and Prof. Hyunbo Sim of Ehwa Womans University. We are co-operating in order to develop next generation CAR-T technology that overcomes existing limitation of current CAR-T cell therapy.


Curocell is the corporation that grows together with our members

Curocell is where people with talents are gathered. We consider trust and solicitude among members the priority and we pursue flexible company culture that keeps everyone satisfied.


Curocell works with experts

Curocell is led by leaders specializing in areas of research, clinic, manufacture and finance. Members of Curocell are exhibiting their capability and potential in cutting-edge medicine development site.



CAR-T technology of Curocell aims to spread throughout the world

Curocell is developing next-generation CAR-T technology that shows curative effacement not only in blood cancer but also in solid cancer. Based on innovative and differentiated technology, we are aiming to expand our domain to global market such as US, Europe and China etc.

Business plan

Curocell is a leading the CAR-T therapy field in domestic

CAR-T cell therapy is world-widely gaining lots of attention, however, there has been no notable outcome in domestic. Curocell is scheduled with the first domestic clinical phase of next-generation CAR-T cell therapy in 2020


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