OVIS™ (OVercome Immune Suppression)
: Curocell’s proprietary platform technology to inhibit CAR-T cell exhaustion
OVIS™ Platform technology is Curocell’s proprietary platform technology designed to get away from exhaustion induced by immune checkpoint receptors. Exhaustion induced by immune checkpoint receptors was considered as one of the limitations of conventional CAR-T therapy.
Various strategies avoiding immune suppression are being researched, and the idea of OVIS CAR-T technology came from merging functions of immune checkpoint receptor blockade and CAR-T together.
OVIS CAR-T cassette enables simultaneous expression of CAR and downregulation of immune checkpoint receptors. Curocell’s optimal combination of immune checkpoint receptors to be downregulated was PD-1 and TIGIT. Anti-cancer efficacy was improved by downregulation of PD-1 and TIGIT in CAR-T cells.
The beauty of OVIS platform technology is that it is applicable to any CAR-T regardless of target changes and as well as to types of immune cell therapies.
PD-1 and TIGIT downregulation grants OVIS CAR-T cells differentiated characteristics. Improved cell proliferation and keeping CAR-T cell less differentiated synergistically enhances anti-tumor activity of CAR-T cells.


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